Ranunculus; An ode to my dad

I grew up in the big crowded city of Tehran in Iran. My father kept such a beautiful garden. He always had unusual flowers and herbs in our garden. I can still remember the sweet parfum of our flowers in the springs of Tehran. After a cold winter with lotS of snow, spring was more than welcome! My grandma used our flowers for decorating her living room and bedroom. So I’d say my interest  in flowers really stemmed from my childhood.

I remember being 10 years old and helping my dad in our garden. Our garden was a place to find peace in the crowded city of Tehran which is notorious because  of it’s smog. My fathers fingers were always dark by the sun and dirt. Just hanging around my dad in the garden made me feel happy and careless. I think my dad would be very happy and proud to know that thesedays I write about flowers for Flower Your Moments community.

It’s the season of ranunculus, so I thought I dedicated this blog to them.

They are one of my favorite flowers. I love them so much… First because of it’s pure prettiness with layer upon layer of petals. Secondly, because of their limited availability.  They’re generally only available in the season from October through to May. Which means that I have to make the most of them whilst they’re around.

It’s also due to the huge variety of colours that they come in, from pastel pinks to vibrant cerise, white and magenta to orange and yellow. And they’re not readily available when they are in season… you’ll generally only find them in florist shops. I also love watching them bloom, emerging from tight petals. They tend to look at their very best, just before they are about to ‘end’.

Now a days I found a lot my inspiration on Flower Your Moment page on Pinterest. Take a look at it and let it inspire you as well! For inspiring and feeding my own happy thought and an ode to my dad, I put a vase with ranunculus beside my bed.

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