Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day. Thinking of Mother’s Day, I think of my dear mother. I can never thank her enough. My mother is a sweet gentle woman who did a lot for us in her life and has sacrificed a lot.  She is always there for us. She is the sweetest grandmother I could wish for for my children. She gave up her beautiful life in Iran for a better future for her children in the Netherlands. I’ve seen her fight and cry but still she was proud. Always set a good example. Always a lady!

I know some people believe that Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day are commercialized. But in fact one day a year is not enough to say “thank you” and pamper your mother for everything she did for you. What you give and do for her is what she has earned.

Thinking of my mother, I hear her sweet voice, taste her cooking and feel her soft beautiful hands. I know she knows me better than anyone else. How can I ever miss her? The day she’s gone, that will be the day a part of me will die with her.

Her serenity, her power to give and love have made me the woman I am today.

Every time I can spoil her with something nice, and I make her smile, I feel proud and satisfied. Every time she looks pleased when I bring her flowers or plants, I realize that it is far too little to make her forget the years of sadness and misery.

As crazy as it sounds, I know that when I give her this Sunday a basket of pink cyclamen or a hanging basket with purple campanula’s, I make her happier than if I buy an expensive perfume for her! Because she doesn’t want me spend too much money, that’s how sweet my mom is!

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